June 15-20, 2014
Registration deadline extended to May 15!
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or Design?

We design posters, logos, break down ipads and build robots!
Tech Studio

If you like engineering and creating devices with technology, then you'll enjoy our Tech Studio. You can build a robot in the Robotics track or take apart a computer in the Information Technology track.

If you like to take things apart to see how they work, you’ll have a blast at the IT track. You’ll tear down and rebuild a PC, laptop and iPad. You’ll also develop long-chained networks and learn how to keep the bad guys at bay with cyber security.

Interested in robots? We have a camp for you! In the Robotics track, you’ll build a robot and learn how to program it.

Both tracks explore and program the powerful Raspberry Pi microcomputer!

Design Studio

Do you enjoy design, and how it’s used to create both the ultimate feng shui and marketing campaigns? Then you’ll love our Design Studio, where you’ll learn how to tap into your creative flair and work on a project for a real client!

If your flair for interior planning and designing is something you'd like to perfect, the Interior Design track will introduce you to the skills needed to be a dream designer!

If creating posters, logos and promotional materials is more your thing, the Graphic Design track lets you work with software that will help your pieces stand out from the crowd.

Both the Interior Design and Graphic Design tracks will give you the experience of working with real clients!

What Campers are saying
“I thought being in robotics would be a good idea. I love how robots do so many things. When I was little, I used to watch Battle Bots and things, so I was like, ‘I really want to do that!’”

- Josh

“My brother’s a computer programmer, and he kind of got me interested in computer programming. I actually took a course my sophomore year. I’m about to be a senior. I just want to learn more about computer programming in general.”

- Peter

“It seemed like a really good opportunity to kind of expand. I’ve never really looked into interior design before, but I’ve always been kind of interested in graphic and interior design. So it was a good opportunity to stay kind of close to home but still learn about new things.”

- Sarah

“I got to kind of use my ideas and learn how to put them on the programs.”

- Tess



Sullivan College of Technology and Design is a different kind of school. Our programs are interactive. We want students to see that they can make and create things, not just read about them in a textbook.
Second year in a row!

For the second year in a row, we’ve taken our most popular academic programs and created two exciting summer camps that allow you to explore your interests and make new friends!

Our weeklong camps

Our weeklong camps help explore your passions, teach you skills and give you first-hand experience in your area of interest. At the end of each day, we have a variety of fun activities planned around the city, so there’s no way you and your new friends will get bored! Plus, all our campers stay in Gardiner Point Residence Hall, and you’ll be impressed with all the amenities it has to offer!

We Are Hands-On

Of course textbooks and the ability to absorb and understand information is critical in any college setting, but we’re a technical and creative school with a focus on getting students to roll up their sleeves and dive in. Our classrooms are work settings, encouraging students to use the tools of the trade and discover the secrets that go beyond a textbook.

Your Path to Success

Fast and focused

Four-day week

Tuition lock-in

Personalized financial planning

Career Services

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Information Technology

Do you love everything computers? Do you like taking things apart to see how they work? Tech Studio’s Information Technology track lets you tear down and rebuild PCs, laptops and iPads. You’ll also learn how to protect computer networks from bad guys and how to work a Raspberry Pi Computer. And you'll want to know all about the Raspberry Pi because you’ll be taking it home with you after camp!

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Do you like figuring out how things work?
Tech Studio’s Robotics track lets you build your own robot, program it and learn all about different types of software. You’ll also delve into the Raspberry Pi Computer and learn about its operating system. And you’ll want to know all about the Raspberry Pi because you’ll be taking it home with you after camp!

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Interior Design

Are you obsessed with home makeover and design TV shows? Bring your passion, energy and creativity to Design Studio’s Interior Design Track! You'll explore your creativity, learn how to use popular industry software, and meet students and industry professionals who share your love for interior design. You’ll even have the opportunity to create an interior design strategy for an actual client!

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Graphic Design

Are you looking for something fun to spice up your summer? Design Studio’s Graphic Design Track will help tap into your creative flair, and introduce you to other students and industry professionals who share your creative interests. Together, you and your new friends will create a branding concept for an actual client!

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Campers will spend the week living in our beautiful Gardiner Point Residence Hall. Gardiner Point, which opened less than three years ago, has a variety of amenities that provide its residents an experience they won’t forget! We offer:

Large, furnished rooms with private bathrooms
State-of-the-art dining facility
On-site convenience store
Student lounge
Study areas
Computer lab
Wireless Internet
Heated pool
Recreation area with ping-pong, fitness center, video game room and a mini-movie theater
Laundry room
Shuttle service to and from Sullivan’s main campus



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